Why politicians use social media to communicate vs. Traditional Media


All over the world, whether it is a developed country or a developing country you will find politicians using social media as the tool for raising support and to get connected with their voters to spread their campaign and messages. The president of the most developed nation and the world’s superpower ‘America,’ Barak Obama used social media campaign to gather more votes and to send out his message and vision to the American nation and the world.

Traditional media, on the other hand, does not have the power and the influence to gather more audience and to make the message more audible and attractive. With the increase in the usage of technology, people are trying to go paper free, and they use all kind of social media tools to stay up to date and informed. Gone is the time when radio stations and newsletters were used to send out the message. They are still being used, but the audience is very less. Which means the message cannot be reached to the targeted audiences.

Social media has the power and influence to target the wider range of audience no matter what the boundaries are, once the message is being sent it will be posted and displayed on news you will receive. Kids, adults, older people all are now on social media. Whether it is a professional business man or a regular housewife, a school going kid or a Ph.D. professor everyone these days use social media.

So here are some reasons why social media is a better option for politicians.

  1. Social media has an amplifying effect, which works for Like for example, the very initial step in a political planning is the design of the campaign’s message. The message which truly represents your part’s vision is the best message and when it is sent to the world through websites, Facebook, Twitter, etc. it acts as a bridge between your message and the audience it helps you to interact with your voters and followers which are very unlike traditional media. You can get their views and comments about your campaign; this helps you to make improvements. Social media helps to amplify your message and campaign whereas traditional media is only a tool to begin a conversation.
  2. Social media has made it easier for you to convey your message. Back in the time when there were no social media the amount of time for creation, management and designing content was much time consuming and a burden. And the case used to get worst when due to a shortage of resources politicians were understaffed than this challenge became much daunting. Now the politicians are using Twitter, Facebook, emails, blogs and articles to lessen their burden.
  3. They can also buy followers for any election campaign. One example is to buy instagram followers from instaboostgram to get more fame as a celebrity. Similarly there are such options available on twitter, facebook and youtube also.
  4. For politicians, whenever the general public thinks of the use of social media, they consider that politicians are using it to communicate with their voters and supporters. But this is not the only reason; politicians use social media to gather and to perform research. Social media, unlike traditional media, helps politicians in great gather amount of informational data every minute.