Education gaming apps on iStore


Why require Educational Games on I store?

A Recent study shows that educational games teach a lot to different students in different ways. The children adapt to playing games and learning faster than the books. The games are interactive a lot has on the stakes. Each decision on the student end show that either the decisions in the game were right or wrong he is improving. After such benefiting results teacher put their heads with the developers to develop games that student can learn the basic concept and advance high in the game.

What are different educational games present on I store?

Following is the list of games that are present in the I store

Stack the countries

These games teach the students about the basic knowledge of the country. Student playing such games have vast knowledge about the countries. Since the game is about naming a country by the shape of the country. Plus the student will be given major points if he can mention the name capitals of the countries.


Hangman or known as the death man has been a very famous game of the past. Students have to fill in the blanks to keep the hangman alive. Once the opportunities for the players run out of filling the blanks the person gets hanged. If students fill the right character are still intact the hangman won’t die.

Math Ninja

By the name, one can guess how the game will be like. Math Ninja is one of those games which teaches a player a touch of ninja history and math questions like subtraction and addition. The games have a time running on the back end. The game has it own interesting factor. Teacher says that such games have been teaching maths so fast to their students. They are amazed at the result.

PBS Kids

This game helps students to build an entire vocabulary throughout the game. The game is not fast pace hence the students can move according to their time and speed they want. PBS has been a huge category not only vocabulary, but it also teaches different science facts to the students also.

Hidden Pictures

It is one of the games that have its story. The students that lack at intellectual level needs to try this game. Some scientist also says that cognitive skills can also be built through playing games that involve the intellectual ability of a student. Games have been a big breakthrough for the children who lacks the cognition factor.

LEGO Unblocked games

This one of the games that has been a great breakthrough kid learns while having fun with their favorite character. They can do so many things while learning more about the different easy sentences that are grammar based spoken by their favorite characters.

General Quick

This game is one of those game which has lots of general questions. Students can play the game and increase their learning to the next level. More they solve the questions more they learn new things. While answering their question may be right or wrong. But they get to know the answer at the end of the game.

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